B-school students on if they were the PM
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B-school students on if they were the PM

Lack of adequate infrastructure facilities and accessibility are the stumbling blocks in the health sector.

Increase simplicity and responsiveness of the ministries and coordination amongst the various ministries, especially the infrastructure related ones.
C. Rahul Pramod Goud, PGP 2013-15 Senior Coordinator, Alum Comm IIM Bangalore says If I were in Modi's shoes, I would make Arun Shorie the next Finance Minister.
IIM's Bangalore Mitesh Karwa(PGP 2013-15) says if he was the Prime Minister, he would have assigned the key ministeries to following people:
My first priority would be the socio-economic development of the country.
Five issues that need to be addressed by the new government in the microfinance sector and for financial inclusion:
IIM Bangalore's Nabyendu Mandal(PGP 2013-15) says If I were PM, I would confer the telecom ministry on Yashwant Sinha.
Hitesh Agarwal from IIM Bangalore(Class: 2012-14) assign key ministries if he becomes the prime minister to the following: