Business Today Special Coverage International CES 2013
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Consumer Electronics Show 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos' Nidhi Singal is in Las Vegas covering the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Here's her list of interesting gadgets at the event.

Designed for professional use, the tablet runs on Windows 8 operating system.
The company has created the world's largest 3D wall at the entrance itself using 122 3D panels.
The projector is claimed to offer 20,000 hours of projection and has a high brightness up to 6500 lumens.
E Fun, a California-based company, has come out with the Apen Touch8, a cordless pen that allows one to use Windows 8 on their old monitors.
Companies have flocked to Las Vegas to showcase their gadgets and new technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, which runs from January 8-11.
Its functionality includes connectivity with the android smartphone or iPhone to alert the user for incoming call, emails and calendar schedule.
It is a console-type personal gaming device with a 5-inch touchscreen and controller type buttons, triggers, dual joysticks and a single directional pad.
This TV has a super high vision with 16x more resolution and has 7860 x 4320 pixels.
The much popular iLounge Pavilion at CES 2013 has quite a good number of exhibitors that display the accessories for the Apple ecosystem.
Here are some details about the International CES gadget show, formerly known as Consumer Electronics Show -
This smartphone features a full HD 5-inch retina display with mobile Bravia engine 2.