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Global Financial Crisis

According to the labour ministry's latest statistics, 23,900 more unemployed people entered the sluggish domestic labour market of France - up 0.8 per cent compared to July.

Bank of Japan's Board unanimously voted to ease its monetary policy by increasing its asset purchase programme to 80 trillion yen from 70 trillion yen.
The US economy grew at a tepid 1.7 per cent annual rate in the April-June quarter, suggesting growth will stay weak in the second half of the year.
France's government has said the economy saw zero growth in the second quarter, amid worries that Europe's No. 2 nation is hovering on the edge of a new recession.
Net borrowing by the British public sector reached 14.41 billion pounds ($23.4 billion) in August, compared with 14.36 billion pounds in the same month last year.
The US national debt crossed all-time high of $16 trillion on the day the Democratic Party kicked off its three-day convention.
Japan slipped back into a trade deficit in July, as exports languished and imports of gas and generating equipment surged.