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PM Narendra Modi in US
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The diverse colours that Prime Minister Narendra Modi donned on his recent visit to the United States had one unifying theme - to win America.

One of the most important items on the PM's agenda, as agreed by him and Obama in the joint statement, is dismantling terror and criminal networks.
After summit talks with the US President, PM Narendra Modi said both sides were serious about resolving issues blocking the civil nuclear deal at the earliest.
The country's patent law enables domestic firms to produce generic drugs poor people can afford, which undermines the interests of US pharmaceutical companies.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama shared anecdotes to connect with each other, said a US spokesperson.
Listening to the business leaders' concerns, the Prime Minister assured them that his government will try to make the business environment in India more favourable.
The prime minister's five-day visit to the United States is unlikely to lead to the kind of multibillion-dollar deals he recently signed with Japan and China.
Many of the top US lawmakers, who attended the Prime Minister's speech, felt he was "destined to transform the nation".

The two leaders agreed on boosting two-way trade to US $500 billion from US $100 billion. However, no deadline was set for reaching that goal.

After the Prime Minister's five-day US trip, the ice had been broken, a meandering relationship re-energised, and the partnership resumed.
"We have a vision that the United States and India will have a transformative relationship as trusted partners in the 21st century, the "vision statement said".
Prime Minister Narendra Modi told nearly a dozen American chief executives on Monday that he is committed to liberalising the country's economy.
PM Narendra Modi said in New York on Sunday and announced various steps for the benefit of Non-Resident Indians including life-long visa for PIO card holders.
"Our entire focus is on the growth of economic activity, on how to grow the economy be it agriculture, manufacturing or services," PM Narendra Modi said.
"I will never let you down," Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the 20,000-strong crowd, saying the blessings of India's crores were like a blessing from God.