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Astronauts make pizzas in space, with some help from zero-gravity

One simply can't live without pizza.

twitter-logo   New Delhi     Last Updated: December 4, 2017  | 19:51 IST
Astronauts make pizzas in space, with some help from zero-gravity
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Astronauts have to sacrifice a whole lot of things - the ability to walk on plane surface for starters - in order to achieve their dream of voyaging through space. That view of Earth must be all worth it in the end. Nevertheless, there are some things that one can't just grow out of. For instance, pizza. Whether you are travelling through space or under the sea, you would miss that finely baked crust, with cheese dripping off it, the bursting and overpowering flavour of jalapenos and the crunchy feel of bacon.
The same happened with Paolo Nespoli. The Italian astronaut, currently stationed at the International Space Station (ISS), was missing pizzas so much that he shared this with his boss during a live public broadcast.


The generous boss got the point and sent across all the necessary ingredients a bread base, a base sauce, toppings like pepperoni and olives, and molten cheese. Nespoli and team seized the opportunity and made pizzas, and also shot a video of the process.
The video shows the astronauts tossing pizzas like pros, with a little help from zero gravity. They added the sauce, toppings and cheese and covered it in a foil and put them in the food warmers. Although it is not like our traditional baking, it does the job well. They then cut the pizzas with scissors.


If you ask us, these pizzas surely look great for something made in zero gravity. Watch the video here:




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