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Move over the fizz, there is coffee-flavoured Coca Cola now

It joins the rank of Coca Cola flavours like orange, green tea and vanilla.

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: September 27, 2017  | 19:26 IST
Move over the fizz, there is coffee-flavoured Coca Cola now
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Does your day not officially begin till you have your morning cup of coffee? Do you pretend-work and continuously dream of your next cup of cappuccino? Do you prefer meeting someone for coffee over a drinks date? Is coffee your one true love? Then there is some good news for all you coffee fans - Coca Cola is looking away from its signature fizz and bringing what is a limited edition coffee flavour.
Although this is currently available only in Australia, one can hope that a similar offering would be made to patrons of Coca Cola in India.  But we do think that Coca Cola-lovers in India have been unfairly kept in the dark vis-a-vis the soft drink's novel flavours.
The Independent mentions that there are exclusive flavours like Green Tea in Japan, Orange in UK, Russia and Latvia, Black Cherry in USA, and Vanilla in UK, Canada and USA. Joining their ranks is the coffee flavoured drink that will only be available for the Australian summer.


The Coca Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar combines the signature flavour of the soft drink with "a dash of real coffee from Brazil". It is also sugar-free. The new flavour is also said to contain less caffeine than the same amount of regular latte but slightly more than the usual Coca Cola.
Although sugared version of the drink has been out on shelves in Japan, Australians would be the first people to enjoy the sugar free version.
Jury's still out on the drink, with some people saying it is not as bad as they imagined, while others have been lamenting on how it ruined both coffee and Coca Cola for them.
Guess we will only know when Coca Cola decides to push out such flavours in the Indian market. Are you listening, Coca Cola?



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