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Now you can take a cruise to and from Mumbai and Bangkok, Athens instead of flying

Two international cruises from Mumbai to Bangkok and Athens to Mumbai are coming up soon.

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: October 30, 2017  | 13:43 IST
Now you can take a cruise to and from Mumbai and Bangkok, Athens instead of flying
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Being cramped up in spaces with no leg-room for up to six hours can be a torturous affair and can be especially challenging in long-duration flights. For now there is some respite for travellers who can scoop out a sizeable amount and some time for such journeys. Vikings Ocean Cruises is bringing two international cruises to and from Mumbai - Mumbai to Bangkok and Athens to Mumbai.
The Viking Orion will take passengers on a cruise called Across the Bay of Bengal, from Mumbai to Bangkok in 16 days. This route will also cover 8 guided tours and 5 countries. One will be able to spend a day in the sprawling beaches of Goa, sample the beauty and learn about cultural heritage of Colombo, take in the beauty of the gorgeous Kuala Lumpur, spend a day exploring in Singapore, and visit the palm-fringed beaches of Koh Samui, before reaching the destination in Bangkok.
The Athens to Mumbai cruise is journey handcrafted for history buffs as the 21-day cruise will take the ancient trading route from Greece to India. The Viking Orion will navigate the Mediterranean Sea on what they call Passage to India. The journey will cover 9 guided tours and 6 countries. Passengers would be able to explore the ancient city of Athens, visit the hanging gardens of the ancient port-city of Haifa, the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, while away time in the turquoise waters of Sharm-el-Sheikh, and explore the Frankincense Route of Oman before reaching the shores of Mumbai.
The Mumbai to Bangkok cruise is set to start from September 8, 2018 while the Athens to Mumbai is set the start from August 19, 2018.


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