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There is an internship that pays to travel the world and drink gin

The intern will also receive »20,000 for this part-time position.

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: September 19, 2017  | 12:21 IST
There is an internship that pays to travel the world and drink gin

While you drag yourself out of your bed every morning, push yourself to take a shower, have breakfast and board the much-dreaded metro o the blue line to work, do you not find yourself thinking about a fantastical job that would pay you to just have fun? Why do things have to be so dreary? Why can't some good soul extract you from your monotonous life and send you across the world tasting your favourite brands of beer?

Well, your prayers are almost answered.

There is, in fact, an internship that allows you to travel the world, find new distilleries and drink gin, if not beer. is an online gin and tonic club based out of West London, who was looking for an intern to travel across Europe, visit at least two new distilleries every week. They were also offering »20,000 for this part-time position. Not only that, the intern - or the gintern - would get free gin as well.


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According to the independent , more than 5,000 applicants sent in their resumes for the very-coveted position. ILoveGin made the applicants review a gin and publish it on social media. From there, 500 lucky people were chosen to make a video describing why they would be suitable for the role.

Thirty-two candidates were chosen from the video round, out of which 8 made it to the final round. The final 8 were asked to create a signature serve using Portobello Road Gin and pitch it to ILoveGin's brand ambassador.


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The job eventually went to Johdi Dinsdale, who was working in the education department prior to her lucky stint.

Dinsdale is now living all our dreams and travelling around Europe and sipping gin for a hefty paycheck. We all will just have to wait till the position is vacant again.


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