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10 things that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner did that no other man could

The life and times of the extraordinary Hugh Hefner.

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10 things that Hugh Hefner did that no other man could
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The legendary Hugh Hefner, passed away due to natural causes on Wednesday night at his home. Hefner is, perhaps, one of the most iconic Americans, known widely for his parties, lavish lifestyle and his adult magazine, Playboy. From launching Playboy in 1953 to transforming the magazine into a cultural symbol, Hefner did what very few men have ever done. His hedonistic lifestyle and perhaps because he hasn't missed a party for years, made him an object of envy for men and of ire for people who believed that his ways were averse to women empowerment.  

Nevertheless, Hugh Hefner transformed the way of life for millions of Americans and all people around the world. Nothing was sacred anymore, as was nothing shameful.

Taking a look back at his life that was hell of a ride, here are 10 things that only Hugh Hefner could have pulled off:

1.    When Hugh Hefner was about to start Playboy in the year 1953, he stumbled upon a piece of information that would change his life and the cultural landscape forever. He found out that one could rent a naked picture of Marilyn Monroe for $200 from the Baumgarth Calendar Co. So, he rented one, slapped it on the cover of his magazine and pushed out the first issue. He printed 70,000 copies and they sold like hot cakes within two weeks.



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2.    Hefner also took a lot of financial risks in publishing Playboy. He mortgaged his furniture for some $600 and borrowed $3,000 from his friends and relatives. When he published the first issue, he never printed a date on it because he was not sure that there would even be a second issue.

3.    The Playboy Club was first started by Hefner in Chicago in 1960. By 1971, there were 23 of them, along with resorts, casinos, hotels and even a limousine company. The Playboy Corporation employed 5,000 people, out of which 1,000 were waitresses, known as Bunnies. All this was thanks to the 7 million copies Playboy was selling every month.


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4.    Hefner would conduct most of his business from the legendary Roman Bath that very few have seen till now. The bath was off-limits for visitors but few who have seen it claim that the bath had baroque gold spigots and faucets, and a mink-covered waterbed with a mirrored ceiling.

5.    The tycoon had become such a celebrity that young kids would walk up to him and would say something like "You're the man!" to him. These kids included stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Ben Stiller and Cameroon Diaz. He also had a group of loyalists that included Jack Nicholson.


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6.    Hugh Hefner actually was completely deaf in an ear because of his extreme use of Viagra. He would casually pop Viagra multiple times a day, which is a known cause for sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL). But the man made it clear that he would rather be deaf than not have sex.

7.    The founder of Playboy also reportedly consumed around 36 bottles of Pepsi every day!

8.    There was a monthly photo feature in the Playboy magazine, appropriately named Hef Sightings that carried - yes you guessed it, sightings of the great Hefner.

9.    For his 72 birthday, Hefner's doctor gave him a prescription of Viagra.

10.    Hefner will be buried in a mausoleum in Westwood Memorial Park, where he had bought a crypt next to Marilyn Monroe, his first cover girl.


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