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Travellers in Japan to pay 'Sayonara tax' for leaving the country

The Sayonara tax is also the first permanent tax adopted by Japan since 1992.

The cause of the crash remains unclear and an investigation has been initiated.
The cargo weighed 9.3 tonnes and is reportedly worth USD 368 million.
The cryptocurrency market has been in the red for a few days now, following news reports of regulatory crackdown in South Korea and China.
According to reports, a Starbucks opens in China every 15 hours.
Bhandari, a Wall Street private equity manager, was hauled out of the water after sustaining severe bites to her legs, Costa Rica's Environment Ministry said.
The successful candidates would eventually move to Iceland on June 1 and would continue their term till it gets over on August 15.
The 'D5' is the most expensive number plate sold till now - for Rs 67 crore.
Created similar to a Japanese drink called 'Chu-Hi', the Coca Cola drink would contain 3-8% alcohol content.
The passing of Brigadier Kapil Mohan, chairman, Mohan Meakin Limited, did bring an era to an end, but the obituaries made one critical error.
However, if the person or family are unable to make it to the deadline of ten years, they will have to refund the money.