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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Analysts warn that domestic stocks are overvalued and that equity markets could see a sell off of 6-8 per cent if pro-growth measures in the Budget fall short of expectations.

While Modi's administration has had some notable successes recently, India's competitive standing globally leaves much to be desired, writes William Wilson.
The industry expects a growth-based Budget that will specifically address the issues faced by it today, setting for an upward growth trajectory.
Will the finance minister come out of the difficult period to present a historic Budget, as most are expecting? Or will he buckle under pressure?
Here are some topics that the budget could address and shape the industry of the future.
The government should act on the following suggestions to create a healthy business environment and efficient administrative machinery.
Incentivising start-ups through schemes are ideas that are being offered globally. Coupled with a benign tax regime, it can prove to be an effective impetus for growth.