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India Inc on Budget

The reduction in corporate tax rate from 30 per cent to 25 per cent will boost investor confidence and encourage companies to continue the process of job creation and overall growth.

The ingenuity of this Budget lies in the government's intent to manage cash flows into the economy without merely resorting to increasing taxes.
The automobile industry accounts for a significant share of the country's manufacturing GDP... Some favourable measures would have given a fillip to the industry.
We appreciate the government's intent on making India a manufacturing hub through various initiatives including ease of doing business.
The plan on regulatory reform for infrastructure and single-window clearances will enable more overseas investment into the sector.
The Budget shows intent to support organic farming and continued support for micro irrigation and watershed management.
It may not have been the 'Big Bang' Budget that most were expecting, but Mr Jaitley has succeeded in creating a pro-growth and pro-investment roadmap.
In this Budget, we might have missed an opportunity to drive 'Make in India' in computers, writes Amar Babu, managing director, Lenovo India.
The ambiguities in the provisions relating to indirect transfers have been suitably addressed in this Union Budget to eliminate scope for discretionary exercise of power.
The focus on Swachh Bharat will greatly benefit the health of our farmers, as also create employment.
The Budget is well-intentioned, reformative, rehabilitative, pragmatic, inclusive and growth-oriented.
Introduction of the Public Contracts (Resolution of disputes) Bill is expected to streamline the process for resolving disputes arising in public contracts.