Expect decentralisation of telecom sector

Bhavin Turakhia        Last Updated: February 17, 2016  | 13:18 IST

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Cofounder, Directi
Addressing the talent crunch by investing massively on creating skilled/ technical labour. The government should look to incentivise companies that work with educational institutions to raise quality of talent

Enacting regulations that ensure the optimal utilisation of the USO Fund. This should be to overcome the infrastructure barrier and to enhance the reach of broadband connectivity in rural/ upcountry locations so that the common public can reap the benefits of connectivity and digital tools

More spending to overcome the language barrier that people face in adoption of online technologies. Also announce a framework for the app that makes it easier for start-ups and entrepreneurs to build their base in the country and moreover in upcountry locations

Liberalising and decentralising of telecom. This is another area in which the government can and should be creating avenues that will facilitate growth for the industry and economy at large


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