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The government has done a good thing by prioritising fiscal prudence over aggressive growth. The decision to peg deficit at 3.5 per cent especially amidst global volatility and our own banks not in great shape is a good one.

It's pro poor, social, farm & infrastructure sector. Not populist but very long term deep routed reforms. Need to wait and see the implementation!
To give him due credit, the Finance Minister has definitely made a concerted attempt to manage expectations with a balanced budget.
The Finance Minister has done well by recognising the importance of a healthy population.
Reinforcing the credibility of GOI's medium term fiscal targeting framework, is a positive step by the government in the Budget 2016.
Infra and Agri are the two key sectors that are beneficiaries of Budget 2016.
Even after these measures, start-ups will still have to grapple with funding pangs.