Union Budget 2020 Reactions: Industry Experts Reactions, Public and Political Reactions
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Budget 2020: New tax proposal may hurt exporters and MSMEs

Tax experts say this is an extremely harsh and retrograde provision which has been introduced without much thinking

The Budget recognised water stress as a serious concern and proposed comprehensive measures for 100 water stressed districts in the country
Budget 2020: 'Flowery language and high-sounding words and platitudes are meaningless,' Rajya Sabha MP Anand Sharma said
Economic Survey 2019-20: India can create 4 crore well-paid jobs by 2025 and 8 crore by 2030 by integrating "Assemble in India for the world" into Make in India
The Mumbai-born Nobel Laureate said the data presently available do not hold any assurance for the country's economic revival anytime soon
Though India has an estimated 900-1000 domestic medical devices manufacturers, only 15 companies have a turnover of above Rs 200 crore
Ashutosh Mishra, Head of Institutional Equity, Ashika Stock Broking, says, "Removal of 80-C deduction is a big negative for the insurance sector"
The most important thing to do now is not to shock the system, give confidence to the industry, bring liquidity into the system and reduce interest rates.