Apple Electric Car Launch Delayed

Apple electric
car launch

Apple electric car's launch timeline has been pushed to 2026. Apple e-car project termed 'Titan' was expected to shape up by 2025 but it has now been delayed by a year

Apple e-car's features

A Bloomberg report claims that Apple electric car will not only launch in the year 2026 but will also skip out on some important features

The report also caused Apple's shares to fall 2.4%

Impact on Apple shares

Project Titan

Project Titan, the codename for Apple's electric car, has faced a series of delays in the past few years

Project Titan team

The Apple electric car project has been ongoing since 2014 and the team has witnessed a number of high-profile exits and entrances

Apple e-car launch

Apple has not only pushed the launch further but has also made changes in the primary functions of the vehicle

Apple's no
self-driving car

Apple's E-car's new design will include a steering wheel and pedals and only support full autonomous capabilities on highways

Apple Technology -
Major departure from
previous plans

A previous report suggested that Apple will focus on full self-driving capabilities, so much so that the car won't have any steering wheel

Manual control

Now, the Apple Electric car will allow drivers to conduct other tasks on a freeway and switch to manual control when necessary

Reason behind delay of
Apple car Launch

Apple Car release date has been pushed back due to delays in development

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