MG Motor India unveils hydrogen cell-powered
MG Euniq 7

Unveiled at Auto Expo 2023

MG Motor India has showcased the MG Euniq 7 hydrogen cell-powered multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) on the second day of Auto Expo 2023

World’s first hydrogen-powered MPV

MG Euniq 7 was the world’s first MPV to be powered by fuel cell technology when it was first announced back in 2020

How does a hydrogen
fuel cell work?

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is a type of electric vehicle that uses a fuel cell, rather than a battery, to power its electric motor. The fuel cell converts hydrogen gas into electricity, which is used to power the vehicle

Range and Refuelling

The main advantage of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is its range and refuelling time. The MG Euniq 7 is estimated for a 605 km range and a 3-minute refuelling time 

Zero carbon emissions

MG Euniq 7 has zero carbon emissions. It performs like an air purifier, purifying air equivalent to 150 adults breathing in just one hour of driving

High safety and performance standards

MG Motor has assured that Euniq 7 has the world-leading fuel cell technology which adheres to the highest safety and performance standards

Expected launch and
pricing details

MG Euniq 7 is expected to be launched in India around April 2025 with an estimated price of Rs 60 lakh

Other models by MG Motor

MG Motor is also expected to launch other hybrid and electric cars in India like the MG 4 EV and the eHS hybrid SUV

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Story by: Pranav Dixit
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