India's Bestselling
E-Scooter Brands In November

Electric vehicles are gaining ground against conventional ICE engine counterparts and it is apparent in the 2-wheeler segment.

EVs vs ICE

Electric scooter sales have seen a mild slump in sales compared to October. The festive boost was also a contributing factor to the record sales in October.

EV Scooter November

Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro have helped Ola Electric maintain its pole position in the list. The company has sold over 15,000 units

Ola Electric

Ola's month-on-month e-scooter sales are -

- November: 15,655
- October: 16,328

Ola Electric sales

Ampere has jumped a spot in terms of ranking. The company sold over 11,000 units in November

Ampere vehicle sales in November

Ampere's month-on-month EV auto sales are -

- November: 11,671
- October: 10,063

Ampere vehicles November sales

Okinawa has slipped from the second position. The company witnessed quite a drop in terms of overall sales in November.

Okinawa Autotech sales

Okinawa Autotech's month-on-month sales are -    

November: 8,750
-October: 14,938

Okinawa Autotech November sales

The manufacturer that has been one of the longest-standing leaders in the e-scooter department is now positioned at the fourth spot.

Hero Electric 

Hero Electric's month-on-month sales are -

November: 8,692
October: 8,867

Hero Electric
November sales

Ather Energy has retained the fifth spot by achieving sales beyond 7,500 units. The new Ather 450X has helped the EV maker stay in the race against new competition.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy's month-on-month sales are - 

November: 7,541
October: 7,353

Ather Energy November sales

November Auto Sales: Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and more

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