PMV Eas-E Electric Car: India's Smallest EV Launched

A Mumbai-based company PMV Electric has launched EaS-E quadricycle or mini-car, which is India’s smallest electric car

Electric Mini-Car

There's not one but many interesting aspects about EaS-E EV

Mini-Car EaS-E EV

It comes with just two seats but still has four doors. The seats are placed one behind the other

Two-Seater EV

The PMV Electric EaS-E car is smaller than Tata Nano in almost every dimension possible

EV Smaller Than
Tata Nano!

The EaS-E EV is priced at
Rs 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom), which is even cheaper than some premium bikes

EaS-E EV Price 

The EaS-E electric vehicle offers up to 200 km of range while the cheapest variant offers range of 120 km

EaS-E EV Features

The bookings for the electric mini-car are open via PMV Electric’s official website

How To Buy EaS-E EV?

You can pre-book the vehicle for a price of just Rs 2,000. It already has over 6,000 bookings

EaS-E EV Bookings

PMV Electric promises deliveries to commence by mid-2023

EaS-E EV Deliveries

The EaS-E electric car has currently no competition in the Indian market

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Story By: Danny D’cruze
Designed By: Mohsin Shaikh

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