Journey of RK Damani: From Dalal Street to DMart

Back in the 1980s and 90s, the Bombay Stock Exchange had a ring...

...and the trading would open for only two hours in the afternoon

The stock brokers used gestures and secret signals on the floor to make trades happen

But Radhakishan Damani would just stand idle and understand the pulse of the market

He is now one of India's most successful stock investors

Damani started working as a stockbroker but later realised the potential of long-term investing

He made his first market investment at the age of 32

Many of his portfolio stocks turned into money-minting machines

In 2001, he made a hostile bid for cigarette maker VST Industries

The shares were trading at around Rs 85-90 back then

Cut to 2022, the stock is hovering around Rs 3,300

RK Damani is also the founder of the retail chain DMart...

...which started off with the first store in Mumbai way back in 2000. Today, it has more than 290 stores

He captured his target audience by simply offering them better deals. DMart offers its customers discounts of 6-7% year-round

DMart had a bumper listing on Dalal Street

Since its listing in March 2017, the stock has delivered over 600% return

The media-shy Damani has never given an interview. Unlike other stockbrokers who flaunt their wealth or give stock tips on television, he stays away from the limelight

Story by Tanya Aneja
Designed by Mohsin Shaikh
Produced by Prashanti Moktan

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