The Maruti Joy Ride: Iconic brand to bumper stock!

Back in 1971, Indira Gandhi allowed her son Sanjay to fulfill his dream

Sanjay Gandhi had a true passion for cars and even worked with Rolls-Royce for three years

With his mother's support, ‘Maruti Motors Limited’ was incorporated...

…and Sanjay became its first Managing Director

However, Emergency was imposed and the project was put on halt first and then shut down

In between, Indira lost her Prime Ministership but returned to power again in 1980

She soon restored Maruti. Unfortunately, there was no Sanjay this time. He had passed away a few years earlier

The government started looking for an active collaborator to build Maruti and...

…this is when the Japanese company Suzuki came into the picture

A joint venture agreement was signed between the Government of India and Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1982

The company launched the iconic Maruti 800 in 1983 and the launch price was just Rs 47,500

Interestingly, for a very long time, Maruti enjoyed a market share of over 50%. Currently, it stands at a strong 43%

Just like their cars, the company's stock has been zooming

An amount of Rs 1 lakh invested in this multibagger stock 19 years ago would have turned into Rs 53 lakh today!

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Story by Tanya Aneja
Designed by Mohsin Shaikh
Produced by Prashanti Moktan

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