Balenciaga Child Ad Row Refuses To End 

Balenciaga Controversy 

The controversy over Balenciaga’s recent ad campaigns refuses to die down. The luxury brand has been facing strong condemnation for its Spring 2023 ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears wearing, what critics called, bondage gear

Balenciaga Faces
Criticism Over Second Ad

The brand also faced flak over another ad from its Spring 2023 campaign, which used a printout of a Supreme Court decision on child pornography

Balenciaga Issues

Balenciaga has issued a statement taking responsibility for the ads. However, the backlash over the controversial ads has continued despite the apology from the brand 

Balenciaga Backlash

Balenciaga’s woes refuse to go away as there has been renewed criticism focused on the inclusion of a book by Michael Borremans, a Belgian artist whose earlier work included depictions of castrated children, in the Spring 2023 campaign

Balenciaga Takes
Legal Action

Balenciaga has taken legal action regarding its Spring 2023 campaign and filed a lawsuit against production company North Six Inc and its agent Nicholas Des Jardins

Balenciaga’s Complaint

In the complaint, Balenciaga accused the defendants of engaging in ‘inexplicable acts and omissions’ that were “malevolent or, at the very least, extraordinarily reckless”

Balenciaga Seeks
Monetary Damages

Balenciaga is seeking $25 million in monetary damages 

Balenciaga Takes The
Blame For Ad Campaign 

The brand said it is taking the blame on photographer Gabriele Galumberti’s role in creating the Balenciaga ad campaign

Celebrities On
Balenciaga Controversy

Several prominent figures including Donald Trump Jr,  Bella Hadid, Bethenny Frankel, and Kanye West or Ye have shared, or appeared to share, their opinions on Balenciaga’s controversial ad. However, there is disappointment from fans that only a few A-listers have issued statements condemning the campaign

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