Gautam Adani’s Role Models: Dhirubhai Ambani, Arunima Sinha, Kiran Kanojia

Gautam Adani:
Newsmaker of the Year

Gautam Adani was named the Newsmaker of the Year 2022 by India Today magazine

Gautam Adani’s inspiration 

Gautam Adani, who made a remarkable entry to the global ranking of billionaires this year, said that he is inspired by the courage, strength, resilience, and tenacity of an average Indian

Dhirubhai Ambani’s spirit 

In an interview with Raj Chengappa, Group Editorial Director (Publishing) of India Today Group, Gautam Adani said that as a first-generation entrepreneur, he views Reliance Industries' (RIL) patriarch, late Dhirubhai Ambani, as his primary inspiration

Humble beginnings for
world-class industrialist 

Gautam Adani said that one of the main reasons he views Dhirubhai Ambani as his main inspiration is because he was the one who first showed that a man with humble beginnings can become a world-class industrialist

Women Who Inspire
Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani said that he was greatly moved by the stories of Arunima Sinha and Kiran Kanojia, who unfortunately lost their limbs but yet conquered the world

Arunima Sinha’s
extraordinary courage 

Arunima Sinha, a CISF aspirant, lost her leg in a horrific train incident in 2011 while she was resisting a group of robbers, who were trying to loot her valuables

Arunima Sinha’s mission
to Mount Everest 

Inspired by cricketer Yuvraj Singh and his fight against cancer, Sinha took up the challenge to scale Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. After undergoing rigorous training for months, Sinha became the first-ever amputee to successfully climb Mount Everest on May 21, 2013

Kiran’s indomitable spirit 

Kiran Kanojia, an Infosys employee back in 2011, lost her leg in a fateful train accident in Hyderabad while returning to Faridabad to meet her parents. Not bowing down to the setback, Kanojia became a para-athlete and is known as 'India's blade runner' after undergoing extensive training at the Dakshin Rehabilitation Centre

Gautam Adani:
The Philanthropist

Gautam Adani pledged Rs 60,000 crore ($7.7 billion) for philanthropic initiatives earlier this year, solidifying his status as a most inspirational visionary. The money will be spent on healthcare, education, and skill development projects

How Gautam Adani Feels About Being The World's 3rd Richest Man

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