Layoffs: HP Job
Cuts, Amazon’s

Google has joined the tech firing brigade as it is reportedly going to layoff 10,000 employees 

Google Joins
Layoff Brigade

The move by Google comes in response to pressure from an activist hedge fund, unfavourable market circumstances and the need to downsize 

Reason For
Google Layoffs

Google employees with low-performance ratings will be laid off. The company is reportedly willing to let go of 6 per cent of its employees

Low-performance Ratings 

Google is set to use a ranking system and the lowest-ranked employees are expected to be fired from the company

Google Ranking System

Google’s hirings shot up rapidly in the past quarter despite expert warnings about the tech giant’s inflated workforce as well as Google’s salaries

Spike In Hirings In
Last Quarter

Alphabet’s Google employs 1,87,000 employees, making it one of the biggest employers in the tech industry

Google’s Workforce 

Another tech company to join the layoff bandwagon is HP Inc. The laptop and electronics manufacturer announced that it will slash around 6,000 jobs by end of 2025

HP Announces Layoffs 

After Amazon decided to layoff 10,000 employees globally, its Indian arm started sending out Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) to Amazon India employees, urging them to quit voluntarily 

Amazon Voluntary

Amazon, Meta, Twitter, Microsoft and other big tech giants have announced layoffs recently owing to the looming recession in the US and falling profits

Layoffs Across
Tech Industry 

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