Hermes hands out bonuses worth
Rs 3.5 lakh to its 19,700 employees

French luxury brand Hermes has decided to pay a one-time year-end bonus of approx. Rs 3.5 lakh to each of its 19,700 employees globally amid surging sales and profits

Hermes bonuses

The announcement of bonuses by Hermes follows the 6% rise in salaries of employees in France followed by an approx. Rs 8,700 increase granted in January last year and renewed in July, as per reports

Luxury fashion brand
Hermes’ sales 

Reportedly, the Hermes employees have received bonuses equivalent to their salary for 17 months including profit-sharing and incentive bonuses

Bonuses worth Rs 3.5 lakh
to Hermes employees

Hermes reportedly said that the payment of this bonus is part of the "value sharing" policy and goes hand in hand with an increase in the dividend distributed to shareholders

Luxury fashion brand

Source: Hermes Finance

Hermes has been continuously recording profits. In 2021, Hermes' revenue was approx 9 billion euros with a net profit of 2.4 billion euros. The group’s consolidated revenue amounted to 11.6 billion euros with a net profit of 3.4 billion euros in 2022

Hermes financial report

The luxury brand made headlines a few weeks ago when Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau sold dozens of mostly Hermes bags for HK$25.2 million ($3.2 million) in an auction by Sotheby's

Hermes bags for auction
at Sotheby's

Hermes is not the only firm to give out generous bonuses to its employees. A Chinese company Henan Mine recently shocked its employees by stacking a huge pile of cash at its party. This was actually the bonuses worth 60 million yuan, which were handed out to 40 sales managers

Huge bonuses by
Chinese firm

Earlier, a Taipei-based shipping company reportedly handed out year-end bonuses equivalent to 50 months of salary 

Bonuses equivalent to
50 months of salary?

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