How Indian start-ups are making health insurance benefits accessible to everyone

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The Indian healthcare ecosystem is one of the largest in the world. However, its penetration in India is extremely low. According to a report by Acko, about 75% of Indians do not have health insurance

Indian health insurance

A report by insurance technology start-up Plum traced the health insurance plans being offered by Indian start-ups to bolster its adoption across the country

Bolstering adoption

The report evaluated 2,500+ employer-sponsored health insurance plans across businesses of all sizes (early stage start-ups, high-growth companies, mature stage companies and Indian unicorns). Here are some of the key findings 

Plum report on health
insurance plans

96% of the company are offering maternity benefits, and around 80% provide a maternity limit above Rs 50,000

Health insurance report:
Key findings

Half of the unicorn companies have covered their employees' families, offering a plan that includes all immediate family members including spouse, children, and parents 

Unicorns making
insurance accessible

30% of Indian unicorns provide comprehensive health benefits – health insurance, accident and disability cover, term life insurance, and telehealth consultations

Covering everything
one umbrella

The median sum insured offered by unicorns is Rs 5 lakh which is ideal, the report revealed

Health insurance
coverage by unicorns

While a lot needs to be done, these numbers reflect Indian unicorns’ endeavour in making health insurance accessible to the various income groups of India

Indian unicorns making
health insurance accessible

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