Kashmir Mangoge, Kashmir Trip Dedenge: Brands Go Bananas Over Zomato-Blinkit Ad

Zomato and Blink
Ad Collab

Zomato recently acquired Blinkit and posted this announcement as a billboard advertisement, with a catchy bollywood dialogue. The two billboards - one for Zomato and one for Blinkit - showcased a part of the popular dialogue from the 2002 film, Maa Tujhhe Salaam

Billboard Ad Meme

Zomato and Blinkit, to promote their collaboration, posted a template of their original billboard ad with a blank white billboard in between, on Instagram. They asked brands and people to repost it with their own twisted taglines

Brands Go Bananas Over
The Zomato-Blinkit Meme

Many brands took to Instagram to share their own twisted punchlines of the Zomato-Blinkit ad template. Let’s have a look at some of them


Travelxp, a global travel media-tech company, posted the template with the tagline, “Kashmir Mangoge, Kashmir Trip Denge.”


JeevanSathi.com is an Indian matrimonial portal, which the Zomato-Blinkit meme template with the tagline, “Pyaar mangoge, haath peele kardenge.”


Detergent brand Tide posted the template with the punchline, “Safedi mangoge, chaunka denge.”

Mother Dairy

Dairy brand Mother Dairy, playing along Zomato and Blinkit’s lines posted, “Doodh mangoge, toned denge. Kheer  mangoge, full cream denge.”

Pizza Hut

Fast-food Chain, Pizza Hut posted, “Cheesy pizza mangoge, cheesy momos bhi denge”


Pulse candy’s official Instagram page posted, “Pulse mangoge, nahi denge.” This was in relation to its ad of not sharing your pulse candy with anyone


Very smarty playing with words, Maggie posted, “2 minute mangoge, maggie denge.”


OTT platform, Zee5, encircling around entertainment posted the tagline, “Entertainment mangoge, entertainment denge, aur subscription bhi.”

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio, India’s popular telecommunication company, promoting their 5G, posted, “5G mangoge, true 5G denge.”


From the snacks food sector, Bingo posted the tagline, “Nachos mangoge, saath me dip bhi denge.”

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