National Startup Day: Know all about the day celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and business

The key date

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced January 16 as National Start-up Day in India last year

Modi’s mantra

“Don’t just keep your dreams local, make them global. Remember this mantra — let’s Innovate for India, innovate from India.”


National Start-up Day is a day dedicated to fostering, celebrating and recognizing the contributions of start-up companies and entrepreneurs to the economy and society

Roles of startups

The day aims to highlight the important role that start-ups play in job creation, innovation, and economic growth

Events and Ideas

Many events are organized on this day to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the business community to share ideas, network, and learn from one another


MAARG is Mentorship, Advisory, Assistance, Resilience, and Growth. It is a one-stop platform to facilitate mentorship for startups across diverse sectors, functions, stages, geographies, and domains

A sound platform

National Start-up Day also serves as a platform for policymakers and government officials to announce new initiatives and programs aimed at supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs


Start-up competitions, awards, and pitch events are also organized to recognize and support the most promising and innovative start-ups, and to provide them with funding, mentorship, and other resources

Awareness and

National Start-up Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges that start-ups face, such as access to funding, talent, and market opportunities, and to call for policy and regulatory changes that will help to address these challenges

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