Shark Tank India 2 Effect On Flatheads: From No Deal To Sold Out Shoes

Shark Tank India 2
Episode 5

The fifth episode of Shark Tank India 2 saw Ganesh Balakrishnan pitch his shoe-manufacturing start-up, Flatheads

Winning Hearts On
Shark Tank India

The co-founder Ganesh Balakrishnan could not raise money but he won several hearts. Right from the sharks to the audience, everyone was impressed with him

Breaking Down
on National TV

Ganesh Balakrishnan broke down while sharing his struggles as an entrepreneur during his pitch. He revealed that if he did not raise money, he might have to wind up Flatheads

Not One to Give Up

Despite his struggles, Ganesh Balakrishnan made an impression on the sharks for having a strong background. Having studied at IIT and IIM, he also had experience of running two start-ups previously

Flatheads: No Deal
With Sharks

Seeing Ganesh Balakrishnan’s resolve to win, Vineeta Singh and Peyush Bansal rolled an offer for 33.3% equity for Rs 75 lakh as against Flatheads’ original ask offering 3% equity

Shark Tank India Gave Him Perspective

Ganesh Balakrishnan was thankful for the offer but refused as he felt he needed to re-evaluate his situation and reassess his priorities

Flatheads: Changing

Ganesh Balakrishnan has claimed that ever since the episode was aired, he has been receiving a lot of love and orders!

Flatheads: Sold Out!

Ganesh Balakrishnan took to LinkedIn to share, “We've almost sold out our inventory in India…” 

‘Failure Builds Character’

One of the first people to applaud Ganesh Balakrishnan and his Bengaluru-based start-up was shark Anupam Mittal, who tweeted encouraging words

A New Beginning 

Ganesh Balakrishnan can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. He is excited and even shared that his daughter also wants to become an entrepreneur one day!

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