Shark Tank India 2 Episode 4: From Snacks To EV Bikes, Sharks Were All In!

Shark Tank India 2
Episode 4

The 4th episode of Shark Tank was a special one as it saw all three pitches getting a funding from the sharks

Shark Tank India 2: A song and dance pitch

The first pitch of the episode saw co-founders of Gear Head Motors entertaining the sharks with their song-and-dance pitch 

EV Bike for just Rs 24,000!

Gear Head Motors struck a chord with the sharks for manufacturing and selling e-bikes costing as low as Rs 24,000

Aman & Peyush say Yes!

Gear Head Motors got an offer from Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal. The sharks came on board for Rs 1 crore (7.5% equity) at a valuation of Rs 13.33 crore

The tale of Patil and
her snacks

The second pitch saw Gita Patil pitching her online snacks brand with her son and his friend

College dropouts impress

What impressed sharks was how Vinit Patil and Darshil Savla, who are college dropouts had a brilliant entrepreneurial bent of mind without a formal education 

PatilKaki raises Rs 40 lakh

PatilKaki becomes a hit. She raised Rs 40 lakh for 4% equity at a valuation of Rs 10 crore from Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal

This pitch has fire!

The third and last pitch of the day started with a bang as co-founders of fire extinguisher brand, Brandsdaddy, gave a demonstration which took the sharks by surprise

A ball to put out fire?

Brandsdaddy makes auto fire extinguisher balls. If there is a fire, these balls help in dousing it. Their ask was Rs 70 lakh for 5% equity at a valuation of Rs 14 crore

Brandsdaddy moves

Namita Thapar agrees to invest in the company. Her offer:
- Rs 35 lakh for 5% equity
- Rs 35 lakh in debt at 12% interest 
- Valuation: Rs 7 crore

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Produced by: Bhavya Kaushal
Designed by: Pragati

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