Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 1: Highlights, Recap

Shark Tank India
Season 2 Premiere

The first episode of Shark Tank India Season 2 premiered on January 2, 2023 on Sony LIV and Sony Entertainment Channel

Shark Tank India: New Season New Host

The all new season of Shark Tank India returned with a new host this time. Standup comedian Rahul Dua is the show’s new host for season 2

Shark Tank India 2 Judges

The season 2 of Shark Tank India features six sharks- Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal and Amit Jain

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Three companies pitched in the first episode of Shark Tank India. The offer for the third company was declined, despite the fact that the first two pitches received their fair deal

Shark Tank India Season 2
First Pitch: Hoovu

Hoovu, Fresh Pooja Flowers, was the first startup to pitch on Shark Tank India 2 and was the first one who bagged a deal. Hoovu had devised a machinery to provide fresh flowers for religious purposes

Hoovu On Shark Tank India

Ask: Rs 80 lakh for 1% equity
Final Deal: Rs 1 crore for 2% equity, with sharks Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta

Shark Tank India 2 Second
Pitch: Dorje

Darjeeling tea brand Dorje was the second company to pitch and bag a deal on Shark Tank India. 

Shark Tank India 2 Second
Pitch: Dorje

The founders of the company left their jobs to revive their family's heritage Selim Hill Tea Garden, in Darjeeling by making high quality organic Darjeeling Tea available, affordable and accessible for Indians

Dorje’s Darjeeling Tea on
Shark Tank India

Ask: Rs 30 lakh for 5% equity
Final Deal: Rs 30 lakh for 15% equity, with sharks Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittal

Recode Studios, Everyday
Makeup On Shark Tank India

Recode, a makeup and cosmetics company, was the last pitch on the first episode and the one that was talked about a lot on Twitter. Recode Studios is a makeup company with good profits and a good customer acquisition strategy, which was liked by sharks
Ask: Rs 1 crore for 1% equity

Recode Studios: All
Sharks Out

Almost all sharks backed out from investing in the company on the grounds that it was a rival company of shark Vineeta Singh’s Sugar Cosmetics, who was also their friend

Recode Studios: Gets
Support From Twitter

Support poured in for Recode Studios on social media on how they deserved so much better. Netizens wrote, “The motto of this show is to encourage entrepreneur, not to discourage”, “Friendship over business not done” and more

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