Tata-Bisleri Deal:
The AqUA Man Behind The BRand

Known for always being ahead of his time, at the age of 27, Ramesh Chauhan took the big, bold step of introducing bottled mineral water to the Indian market

Safe Drinking
Water In India

Ramesh Chauhan is also the man who created iconic carbonated beverages such as ThumsUp, Limca, Maaza and Citra, which were later acquired by Coca-Cola in 1993

The ThumsUp
Thunder Man

Ramesh Chauhan believed in the power of advertisement and was able to transform Indians into consumers of carbonated drinks

Power Of Advertising

Bisleri is known for creating unique and innovative campaigns like Play Safe, Kiss to Drink or the most recent Samjhdar Bisleri Pete Hain

Bisleri Ad Campaigns

In 2017, through research and insights, Bisleri realised the need to connect with the local audience in their language and introduced regional language labels in 13 languages for mineral water

Bisleri’s Journey

Plastic-Neutral Bisleri

Bisleri International has been propagating the idea of recycling used plastic since the late 1990s and had imported a plastic recycling machine from Japan

Bisleri enjoys a significant market share in the packaged drinking water category. It is also one of the first FMCG companies to become plastic-neutral. The company claims it collects and recycles more plastic than it puts in the market

Plastic-Neutral FMCG

Bisleri is now estimated to be sold to the Tatas for around Rs 6,000-7,000 crore, as per reports. Notably, the Chauhans had paid Rs 4 lakh to acquire Bisleri in 1969

Tata To Acquire Bisleri?

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Story by: Tanya Aneja
Designed By: Mohsin Shaikh

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