10 Steps To Perfect Your Golf 
Swing Ahead Of BT Golf Mumbai
Leg On Jan 29

BT Golf Mumbai Edition

Business Today Golf is back with the movers and shakers from the world of business and industry relaxing and competing at BT Golf’s second leg in Mumbai at the Willingdon Sports Club. With the Mumbai leg scheduled for this Sunday (Jan 29), here are 10 tips to perfect your golf swing

Golf Tips: The Gripgauge

A good swing starts with a good grip. The best way to control your shot and gauge where it is going is by getting a good hold of the club. Take time to work on how you hold the club. Get used to keeping your hands low and see how your shots benefit from the forward power

Your stance is also going to have an impact on the way you swing. Check how you are distributing your body weight as you wait to swing the club. Make sure that you distribute your weight evenly, stand on the balls of your feet to be able to pivot and twist your body with ease

Golf Tips: Weight

Golf Tips: Body Swing

Practised golfers know that power shots have little to do with the strength of the arms and everything about the body. The body has to rotate with the shot and that is how all your body weight is channelled to the shot as well. This also gives a golfer more control on the swing and a greater degree of momentum

Golf Tips: Lower
The Head

The usual habit people have at the beginning of golfing season is to pop the head up, but really to keep the head down makes better playing sense and actually helps you follow where the ball is going after hitting it right

Golf Tips: Hinge

Hold your club at around 45 degrees on the backswing. This will make the club almost parallel to the ground with your swing at peak. The wrist position and your arms will allow more precision to the shots

Golf Tips: Position
the elbow

Most amateurs have to work on this – the need to hold the elbow tight. This helps you with control and prevents shoulder jerks

Golf Tips: Breathe Easy 

Many players hold their breath during the downswing. This reduces your strength. To retain a powerful shot, keep breathing easily

Golf Tips: Position
the ball 

Keep the ball near the middle of your stance. This is the only way to do it right

Golf Tips: Follow Through

To make sure that your ball is hit properly, follow through on all of your shots

Golf Tips: Train Tracks 

Imagine yourself standing on train tracks - the body on one rail and the ball on the other. You have to hit the ball straight down the tracks. The position of your body will determine how the ball moves

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Story by : Sharmila Bhowmick
Designed by: Mohsin Shaikh

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