Viral Mid-Air Scuffle: Why DID Indigo Air Hostess Yell At Passenger?

Indigo Crew Yells
At Passenger

In a video doing rounds on the internet, an Indigo crew is seen engaged in a scuffle with a passenger over meals served onboard 

Indigo Incident 

IndiGo Airlines Air hostess can been seen talking to a passenger in a raised voice as she said, “Please stop pointing finger at me and yelling at me, my crew is crying because of you”

IndiGo Passenger’s
Video Went Viral

The video was first shared by the passenger in his December 19 tweet. The tweet came from Er. Gurpreet Singh Hans’ account, who said he "unfortunately" booked a ticket on the IndiGo flight

IndiGo Airlines' Clarification

“We are aware of the incident that took place on flight 6E 12 from Istanbul to Delhi on December 16, 2022. The issue was related to meals chosen by certain passengers travelling via a codeshare connection”, says IndiGo Airlines

Indigo’s Stance On
The Incident

Indigo added that the passenger asked for a sandwich and the crew told him they will check if the food item is available on the flight. But the man started shouting at the airhostess, due to which she started crying

Indigo To Probe
Into Incident

Taking cognizance of the incident. Indigo Airlines further said they are looking into the incident and assured that customers' comfort has always been their top priority

Jet CEO Tweets In
Support Of Indigo Crew

Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor has tweeted in support of the IndiGo air hostess. Kapoor said that he has seen crews of airlines abused and slapped and that it must have taken a lot to get her to breaking point

Twitter Reactions
On Scuffle

The scuffle between IndiGo staff and the passenger has left the internet divided. "The crew also deserve respect. They are taught to maintain their cool and calm, serve people with a smile, even in the most challenging situations. But, that doesn’t mean people can be rude and insult them," said one Twitter user.

Twitter Reactions
On Scuffle

"No matter how the passengers behave, flight crew should be trained to be calm and keep their composure. What’s next ? Full on fist fight and hair pulling with crew. Anyways you get what you pay for. For better service choose a premium airline," tweeted another user

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