TCS leadership change: What incoming CEO
K Krithivasan, outgoing CEO Rajesh Gopinathan revealed 

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On Thursday TCS announced that current CEO Rajesh Gopinathan has resigned from his role after serving as CEO for six years.

TCS CEO Rajesh
Gopinathan quits!

K Krithivasan, the
new CEO

K Krithivasan, who currently heads the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance vertical at TCS, has been named as the new CEO.

At a media interaction, Krithivasan spoke about his priorities. "Will focus on employees, will focus on customers," he said.

New CEO's priorities

BFSI amid global
banks collapse

The new CEO spoke about the emerging banking crisis and its impact on TCS. 
"From an overall BFSI perspective, we will think to look at the plans, and we will discuss with Rajesh and Chandra about how we have to handle that."

Krithivasan stressed that there would be no more changes ahead. He said, "There will be no organizational change or strategy change."

More changes to
come at TCS?

While addressing a press conference on Friday, Gopinathan said, " I plan on taking some downtime now, want to spend some time with my family."

What next for Gopinathan

Gopinathan also expressed his fierce devotion towards TCS. He said, "I have never allowed myself to think about anything else but TCS, every waking minute I have thought of TCS."

Fierce devotion to TCS

Both Gopinathan and Krithivasan highlighted that they have not changed jobs ever since joining TCS right after completing their college education.

"Never updated resume
after college"

Both the leaders said that the transition will complete in the next six months.

When will the
transition complete

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