Green Fuel, EVs; No funding issue for India: What Nitin Gadkari said at BT Banking Summit

Nitin Gadkari At
BT Banking Summit 

Nitin Gadkari, India's Minister of Road Transport & Highways, believes that India has all the resources it needs and isn't facing any funding issues. Gadkari said this at the BT Banking and Economy Summit held on January 14

“Higher Interest To
Investors Than Banks”

While speaking to Rahul Kanwal, News Director, India Today Group, at the BT Banking Summit, Gadkari added, "In fact, we are giving higher interest to investors on our innovative products like InVTs of 8.5 percent compared to banks."

Nitin Gadkari said "We are earning about Rs 40,000 crore on about Rs 5 lakh crores worth of roads we make via tolls. I aim to take this up to Rs 1 lakh 40 thousand crore in two years."

Gadkari Aims To
Increase Toll Revenue

India To Become
Energy Exporter?

Gadkari also shared his insights on green fuel and said that India will soon become an energy exporter country and he has been working towards 'Green Fuel' whether it is hydrogen, ethanol or electric vehicle (EVs) to remove petrol and diesel

More Automakers
Using Flex Engines 

Gadkari also added that mileage for ethanol and petrol are equal. “Now more and more automakers are using flex engines.”

“Green Hydrogen Is
The Future”

“India will become the highest ethanol manufacturer in the next five years. Green hydrogen is the future,” said Gadkari 

Gadkari On
Mumbai-Pune Highway

During the event, Nitin Gadkari also said that the public is very happy with the fact that they can cover Mumbai to Pune in just two hours

Reduced Travel Time
For Truckers

The union minister further said that the highways he is building will reduce travel time for truckers. He said cutting logistics will improve exports

Nitin Gadkari On
Joshimath Crisis

Meanwhile, on the Joshimath crisis, Nitin Gadkari said experts are studying the cause of Joshimath land subsidence. He added, “Joshimath is problematic because of its rock. The sinking is not due to Chardham marg.”

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