India Will Get 32 New Green Express Highways, says Nitin Gadkari at BT Budget Roundtable

Nitin Gadkari on
new projects

Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India Nitin Gadkari said at the India Today and Business Today Budget Round Table that the new Green Express Highway, which will be constructed from Akshardham, will reduce the travel time from Delhi to Dehradun to 2 hours from about 5.5 hours

Gadkari on New Green
Express Highways

Nitin Gadkari said, “We are building 32 New Green Express Highways; through these, the travel time will be reduced between many cities. Now Delhi and Haridwar will be 2 hours apart, which was earlier, about 4.5 hours.”

'Delhi to Chandigarh
in 2.5 hours'

Nitin Gadkari said that with the construction of these new express highways, the time to travel between Delhi to Chandigarh is expected to be reduced from about 5 hours to 2.5 hours

Delhi to Amritsar in just
4 hours: Nitin Gadkari

People will be able to travel from Delhi to Amritsar in just 4 hours whereas earlier it used to take about 8.5 hours to travel from Delhi to Amritsar

Delhi-Jaipur highways

Travel between Delhi-Srinagar can be done in 8 hours, Delhi to Katra in 6 hours, Delhi to Jaipur in 2 hours, Bangalore to Chennai in 2 hours, Bangalore to Mysore in 1 hour, Nagpur to Pune to 5 hours

Nitin Gadkari on
Delhi to Mumbai 

Gadkari further said, “From Mumbai to Delhi now it takes 12 hours to travel; generally, it takes 44 hours, so the fuel saving is there; for example, earlier it used to take 8-9 hrs to travel from Mumbai to Pune, but now because of our initiative BOT, it takes less than 2 hrs, so fuel consumption is less, and people save time”

Prioritising building
aspirant districts,
said Gadkari 

Gadkari said, “We are making new economic corridors, connectivity for ports, airports and railways, and we are also prioritising building the aspirant districts."

Union Minister on
new roads 

Gadkari also said, “Roads are very important, and government is concentrating on aspirant blocks. So. these roads will give new prosperity to the nation, and that is where we are making an investment in the budget”

BT Budget Roundtable
2023 Updates

Business Today is back with another edition of BT Budget Round Table 2023, where dignitaries such as Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, and Roads and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari talked about the Union Budget 2023 and its impact on the Indian economy

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