Pakistan Job Crisis: 30,000 In Stadium Not For A Match But To Sit For Exam! 

Pakistan: 30,000 people
show up at Islamabad’s
largest stadium

Not for a cricket match or any other event! Over 30,000 people showed up at Pakistan’s largest stadium to write an exam to qualify for 1,667 police constable jobs in Islamabad

Posts vacant for last five
years: Islamabad Police

According to the Islamabad Police, over 1,500 posts have been lying vacant for the past five years

Candidates travelled from
neighbouring cities

Most of these candidates do not belong to Islamabad and had travelled to Pakistan’s capital city for this exam

Larger picture of Pakistan’s
economic woes 

The video of the large number of candidates sitting on the ground and everywhere in the stadium went viral. Here's a look at Pakistan’s economic downturn and how it got here

Pakistan’s unemployment
crisis in numbers

Source: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)

- Over 31% youth is unemployed 
- Of this, 51% are male whereas 16% cent are female
- 60% of Pakistan’s population is less than 30 years of age

Economic crisis
in Pakistan

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)

- Pakistan trade deficit stands at $2.857 billion in December
- Exports declined 16.64% to $2.340 bn in Dec ‘22 from $2.764 bn in Dec ‘21
- Forex reserves dwindled rapidly and Pakistani Rupee continues to depreciate

Inflation in Pakistan

Consumer price index-based inflation rose to 24.5% in December, up from 23.8% in November in Pakistan

Why is Pakistan in
such doldrums? 

Coronavirus pandemic, ouster of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and floods in Sindh affected Pakistani public severely. Due to this, Pakistan had to seek help from global institutions like the IMF

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