World's Strongest Passports List 2023: Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and more

The 2023 Henley Passport Index reveals that with visa-free access to 193 countries, Japan's passport is the most powerful due to a result of its stable political climate, strong economy, and low crime rates

World's strongest
passport: Japan

With visa-free access to 192 countries, Singapore's efficient governance and impressive economy have made its passport a highly valuable asset for international travel

What makes Singapore
passport strong

South Korea's rapid economic growth and technological advancements have elevated its passport to one of the most powerful in the world with visa-free access to 192 countries

South Korean passport

Germany's influential role in the European Union and strong economy contribute to its high-ranking passport, thus letting its citizens visa-free access to 190 countries

German passport gives easy
access to 190 nations

Spain's rich culture, tourism industry, and political stability make its passport highly sought after for global travel, thus giving easy access to 190 countries

Spanish passport

Finland's high quality of life, education system, and tech-savvy society have made it a top destination and its passport a valuable asset, giving its citizens visa-free access to 189 countries

What makes Finland
passport attractive

Italy's rich history, art, and culture, along with its influential role in the European Union, have made its passport a valuable asset, giving easy access to 189 countries

Why is Italian passport

Luxembourg's small but prosperous economy and strong political relationships have given its passport a high value for international travel

Luxembourg passport
(189 countries)

Austria's strong economy, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage make it a popular tourist destination and its passport a valuable asset as it provides a desirable visa-free access to 188 countries

Austrian passport strong too

Denmark's high standard of living, strong welfare system, and innovative business environment have made its passport a valuable asset for global travel

Denmark passport
(188 countries)

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