Best countries to move to in 2023: From Portugal, Mexico to Costa Rica, Greece

Picturesque Portugal
tops the list

Portugal has topped the list for the best country to move to in 2023, as per the Annual Global Retirement Index list of best locations to retire in. The picturesque European country along with affordability and traveller-friendly visa options makes it a great pick


Home to a wide variety of landscapes and traditions, Mexico was ranked second on the list. With mild winters and pleasant summers, Mexico is great for moving to in 2023


Low-cost housing in Panama means that purchasing a retirement property is within the means for many even on a tighter budget. Add in a solid healthcare system, all these make Panama a great pick


Sandwiched between Columbia and Peru, Ecuador is a great destination with a rich history and the conveniences of modern living, including high-speed internet, lovely weather, good public transportation, and affordable healthcare and housing

Costa Rica

Costa Rica remains firmly on such lists for its lower cost of living, easy back and forth to North America, and affordable medical care


From picturesque expensive oceanside residences to pretty and quaint but still affordable housing, Spain is a great place to settle down. There’s plenty to keep you occupied from the tapas culture and flamenco to great architecture and bustling social life


Greece is a fairytale of a country ingrained in rich history. The relatively low cost of living while still being part of the European Union is what attracts many to Greece


France is one of the most popular places to retire in Europe, with expats attracted by the country's climate, food, and lifestyle. France is particularly popular with football fanatics looking to settle abroad


Italy shines as an ideal place to retire with its incredible climate diversity, topography, beaches, food, wine, sports, and of course PIZZA!


Thailand is yet another fun country on the list with great food, culture and architecture, while still being on the affordable end

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Story by: Pranav Dixit
Designed by: Mohsin

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