IndiGo, Air India Row: To Drink Or Not To Drink, To Pee Or Not To Pee? All About Flight Rules

Drunk Men On IndiGo
Delhi-Patna Flight

Another incident of drunk passengers wrecking havoc inside a flight has surfaced. Two passengers in an inebriated state created a ruckus on IndiGo Delhi-Patna flight. They were arrested by the airport police personnel and were later taken to court

IndiGo Controversy

The drunk passengers on the IndiGo flight got involved in a brawl similar to recent mid-air scuffles. There has been a rise in incidents where passengers have been creating a nuisance on flights

Drunk Man's Act Led To Air India Controversy

The recent incident of a drunk man peeing on an elderly woman on an Air India flight led to a huge controversy surrounding the safety of passengers on the flight. While the DGCA and Air India have taken cognizance of the situation, here are a few basic airline rules regarding the consumption of alcohol and the use of toilets

Air India Liquor Rules

Air India has marked alcohol under prohibited items on their domestic flights. Though, it serves complimentary alcohol on international routes for business class and first class. There is no restriction on serving alcohol in these classes internationally

Vistara, IndiGo
Liquor Rules

IndiGo Airlines allows the purchase and serving of alcohol on select international flights. Vistara Airlines serves alcoholic options that are served in all three cabin classes, on select international routes only

Airlines Lavatory Rules

Following the Air India incident where a drunk man urinated on an elderly woman, the availability and usage of lavatories on airlines and the rules surrounding it are also being discussed

DGCA Lavatory Rules

As per the DGCA, the use of toilets on flights is prohibited during take-off and landing. Passengers are advised to tie their seat belts and remain seated during turbulence. The use of lavatories remains prohibited during such instances as well

When Can Passengers
Use Toilet On Flight?

Washrooms can only be used while the plane is in a normal flying position. All airlines have to sanitise the washroom at regular intervals during a flight

DCGA’s rules for
disruptive behaviour

- Level 1 offences like inappropriate physical gestures, unruly behaviour, and verbal harassment can result in the passenger being put on the no-fly list

From No-Fly List To Lifetime Ban On Flying

- Level 2 behaviour like physical abuse can lead to fly ban for up to 6 months, as per the DGCA
- Level 3 behaviour like life-threatening actions can lead to a lifetime ban on flying

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