Four new Initial Public Offering (IPO) will hit the primary stock market this week between Oct 31 and Nov 4 

Upcoming IPOs

-Issue Dates:
October 31 to November 2
-Issue Size: Rs 500 crore
-Price Band: Rs 197 - Rs 207
-Lot Size: 72 shares
-DCX Systems IPO GMP: Rs 75

DCX Systems IPO

-Rs 110 crore - Prepayment/repayment of debt
-Rs 160 crore - Fund working capital
-Rs 44.9 crore - For Raneal Advanced Systems

Objectives of DCX Systems IPO Issue

-Issue Dates:
November 2 to November 4 
-Issue Size: Rs 600 crore
-Price Band: Rs 350 to Rs 368 a share
-Lot Size: 40 shares
-GMP: Rs 33

Fusion Microfinance IPO

-Augment capital base of the company - Rs 600 crore

-35% is retail allocation 

-50% is reserved for QIB

Objectives of Fusion Microfinance IPO Issue:

-Issue Dates:
November 3 to November 7 
-Issue Size: Rs 500 crore
-Price Band: Rs 319-336
-Lot Size: 44
-GMP: Rs 70

Global Health IPO 

-Pay debt 
-General corporate purposes

Objectives of Global Health IPO:

-Issue Dates:
November 3 to November 7
-Issue Size: Rs 881.22 crore
-Price Band: Rs 285 - Rs 300 per share 
-Lot Size: 50 shares

Bikaji IPO

-Bikaji IPO GMP: Rs 70
-Bikaji IPO Allotment:
November 15
-Objectives of Bikaji IPO:
Mop-up approx. Rs 1,000 crore, through initial share sale

Bikaji IPO Details

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