5 Bacteria
Types Led To
Death Of Over
6 Lakh People
In 2019 

Five bacteria pathogens proved deadly in 2019, as per Lancet’s Global Burden of Disease Study

Study On Global
Burden of Disease

Common bacterial infections were the second-leading cause of death in 2019, and were linked to one in eight deaths worldwide

One In Eight Deaths Due
To Bacterial Infections

6.8 lakh deaths in India in 2019 were due to the bacteria group:-

- E-Coli
- S-Pneumoniae
- K-Pneumoniae
- S-Aureus
- A-Baumanii 

Bacteria Caused Over
6 Lakh Deaths

E Coli was the most deadly pathogen as it led to 1.57 lakh deaths in India in 2019, according to the Lancet study

E Coli 

- S-Pneumonaiae: 1.4 lakh 
- K-Pneumonaie: 1.3 lakh 
- S-Aureus: 1.2 lakh 
- A-Baumanii: 1.1 lakh 

Deaths Due To Bacteria
Group In India

Global mortality has been associated with 33 bacterial pathogens in 2019 

Mortality Worldwide
Due To Bacteria 

Out of 1.3 crore deaths globally, 77 lakh were affected by 33 bacteria. Half of these deaths were caused by the 5 bacteria pathogens

Deaths Due To
Bacteria Pathogens

Ischemic heart disease was found to be the leading cause of death in 2019, as per the study

Most Common Cause
Of Death Globally

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Story by: Sharmila Bhowmick
Designed By: Mohsin Shaikh

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