Bihar horror: Ticket collectors thrash passenger in Muzaffarpur

Vicious Assault On Train

In a shocking incident that surfaced from Bihar, two ticket collectors were seen assaulting a passenger in Bihar's Muzaffarpur near Dholi railway station

How The Fight Began

An argument between one of the ticket checkers and the passenger devolved into a full-blown fight, as seen in a video that went viral

What Was The Argument About

The argument began because the passenger was travelling without a ticket, reports said

What's In The Viral Video

The ticket collector is joined by a colleague, and they pull the man down to the floor and beat him viciously, even kicking him in the face with their boots

Where and When did the Incident Happen

The incident took place on January 2 on Mumbai-Jainagar train near Dholi railway station

Railways Takes Action

A spokesperson for the railways said the two ticket collectors have been suspended with immediate effect

Social Media Outrage

Many Twitter users said the ticket collectors behaved like goons and that they should have summoned RPF instead of taking things into their own hands

Twitter Says Such Incidents
Are Normal

After the video went viral, many Twitter users said such incidents are normal on trains where ticket collectors think they rule over everybody

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