Jacinda Ardern to resign as New Zealand PM: The PM The World Fell In Love With

Jacinda Ardern to step
down as New Zealand PM 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will step down next month and will not seek a re-election

‘I am human’ 

Jacinda Ardern said, “Politicians are human. We give all that we can, for as long as we can, and then it’s time. And for me, it’s time.”

Key events from Ardern’s
PM stint

Jacinda Ardern’s terms as Prime Minister was marked by unprecedented events such as the 2019 massacre of Muslims in Christchurch by a white supremacist, the eruption of the White Island volcano, and the Covid-19 pandemic

Ardern meets Christchurch attack victims in hijab

Jacinda Ardern was praised widely for meeting the victims of the Christchurch attack in a hijab. She also told them that the country was “united in grief”

Ban on firearms

Jacinda Ardern banned semi-automatic firearms and also imposed other curbs on guns within weeks of the Christchurch massacre

Jacinda Ardern’s COVID

Jacinda Ardern was among the first leaders to close borders and adopt a zero-tolerance strategy against COVID. She put a lockdown in New Zealand over a single case

Ardern’s growing struggles
back home

While the world was hailing Jacinda Ardern for her zero-tolerance towards COVID, she faced growing headwinds in New Zealand

Reasons behind Ardern’s lowered ratings

Jacinda Ardern’s rating has seen a dip due to housing crisis, growing concerns about crime, high living costs and rising mortgage rates

Jacinda Ardern on having children as a working woman

After she was appointed in the Labour Party, she said it was “totally unacceptable in 2017 to say that women should have to answer that question in the workplace”

Jacinda Ardern’s Benazir Bhutto connect

Jacinda Ardern became the second woman PM after Benazir Bhutto to give birth while in office. Ardern had her baby daughter, Neve Te Aroha, within eight months of becoming the NZ PM

Rise in global politics

Jacinda Ardern burst onto the global political scene when she became the world’s youngest head of government at 37 yrs of age

Jacinda Arden:
Well Loved PM

Ardern was loved and appreciated world over for campaigning for women’s rights, ending child poverty and economic inequality and all the bold moves she made as New Zealand PM 

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