Joe Biden in Ukraine: Is the American President escalating proxy war with Putin's Russia? 

US President Joe Biden, in a surprise visit, reached war-torn Ukraine, days before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion. He met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in what is seen by the Americans as a display of solidarity

Joe Biden in Ukraine

Joe Biden announced an additional half-billion US dollars in assistance, over and above the $50 billion already provided. The fund will be used for howitzer shells, anti-tank missiles, air surveillance radar and other aid

What the US promised

The White House called this unprecedented visit – it is rare for a US president to travel to a conflict zone where it had no airspace control – America’s "unwavering commitment to Ukraine's democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity"

US vs Russia

While the US exalted its leader, the Russian pro-military and ultranationalist circles were left fuming. According to CNN, a Telegram channel managed by Russian army and naval service members said a year after the “special military operation”, they were waiting for Russian President Putin and not Biden

Unhappy Russians

Deputy head of Russia’s Secret Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Biden reached Kyiv after securing security guarantees in advance. He said that the West delivers weapons and money to Kyiv regularly anyway, allowing NATO countries to steal the weapons and sell them to terrorists globally

US warmongering: Russia

Russia informed hours before visit

Russia was informed by the White House hours before Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine. Russian commentators said that the Kremlin showed its magnanimity by not attacking Ukraine during Biden’s five-hour visit

Former Federal Security Service (FSB) officer Igor Girkin said that Biden at the frontlines would have also escaped unharmed. “Wouldn’t be surprised if the grandfather (he is not good for anything but simple provocations anyway) is brought to Bakhmut as well… AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM,” Girkin said

Biden’s security

Many main streets and central blocks were cordoned off in Kyiv without explanation. US surveillance planes were keeping watch over the Ukraine capital from the Polish airspace

Security in Kyiv for
Biden’s visit

All eyes will be on Putin’s national address to mark a year of Russia’s invasion to fully comprehend the impact. However, the Russians are expected to launch a renewed offensive in the coming weeks, as per CNN

Impact of Biden’s
Ukraine visit

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