Morbi Assembly Election 2022: Will Bridge Collapse Tragedy Dictate BJP’s Fate?

Morbi assembly seat is part of the Kachchh Lok Sabha constituency, which has been with the BJP since 1996. Morbi is part of the first phase of Gujarat polls on December 1

Morbi Assembly
Election 2022

The collapse of a suspension bridge on the Machchhu river on October 30, that killed over 130 people, has put the spotlight on the Morbi assembly seat

Morbi Bridge Collapse Tragedy

The tragedy happened just days after it was opened following renovation by Gujarat-based Oreva Group

Morbi Bridge Collapse

PM Modi visited Morbi just two days after the bridge collapse. He had announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each for the victims’ families

PM Modi In Morbi

BJP has held the Morbi assembly constituency since 1995 except for a brief period (2017-2020)

Morbi: A BJP Stronghold

In the last two decades, Congress has won this seat only once, and that too lasted only for three years

Congress’ History of Losses In Morbi

It will be a triangular contest in Morbi with AAP joining the closely-watched assembly seat.
- BJP: Kantilal Amrutiya 
- Congress: Jayantilal J Patel 
- AAP: Pankaj Ransariya 

Morbi Assembly Election 2022: Candidates

All eyes are on the BJP to see whether it can pull off yet another victory in its bastion

Will Morbi Remain A
BJP Bastion?

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 Phase 1: Five Key Contests

Story by: Saurabh Sharma
Designed by: Pragati

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