Most Polluted Cities in World: Mumbai tops list in India, surpasses Delhi

Mumbai most
polluted city in India 

Leaving behind Delhi, Mumbai emerged as the most polluted city in India and the second-most polluted city globally, as per real-time air quality monitor IqAir

Air quality in the world 

Swiss air tracking index IQAir measures air quality in India using data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). It categorises the air quality as per US AQI standards into Healthy, Unhealthy and Hazardous

Air quality in Mumbai 

The CPCB data underlined that Poor and Very Poor days in Mumbai in November-January this winter season were more than double over the three previous winters

Mumbai: World’s second
most polluted city 

On February 13, Mumbai took over Delhi as the most polluted city in India. Later it became the second unhealthiest city worldwide for air quality

Top 5 most-polluted
cities worldwide

1. Lahore (Pakistan) 
2. Mumbai (India) 
3. Kabul (Afghanistan) 
4. Kaohsiung (Taiwan) 
5. Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) 

Delhi not part of top 10
most-polluted cities

Delhi does not feature in the top 10 most-polluted cities. The other cities include: 
6. Accra (Ghana) 
7. Krakow (Poland) 
8. Doha (Qatar) 
9. Astana (Kazakhstan) 
10. Santiago (Chile)

Mumbai’s air quality 

Experts have blamed rapid construction, adverse weather conditions and increasing pollution from vehicle emissions for the deteriorating air quality

Mumbai’s air pollution 

A 2020 study by NEERI and IIT-B has stated that road or construction dust is the main source of air pollution as there is heavy concentration (about 71 per cent) of the particulate matter in Mumbai's air. The remaining comes from industrial and power units, airports, and garbage dumps

Mumbai’s air pollutants 

Road travel accounts for 80% of Mumbai’s fossil fuel emissions. Rampant realty and road construction activities account for over 71% of PM in Mumbai’s air. Dumping grounds are also a massive problem

Deaths due to falling
air quality 

Bad air quality in Indian cities is causing serious health issues to people. A Lancet study reported that pollution led to more than 2.3 million premature deaths in India in 2019

Heavy losses due to
air pollution 

IQAir stated that about US$2.9 billion in funds was lost due to falling air quality worldwide in 2020-21

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