New Covid Variant BF.7 found in india: IMA Issues Advisory 

IMA Asks Government
To Gear Up 

As Covid-19 cases surge in many countries, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged the government to upscale its preparedness 

No Reason To Panic Yet

IMA in its advisory has asked ministries and departments to make oxygen supply, ambulances and medicines available. The medical body also said that there is no reason to panic now and that prevention is better than cure

Covid Caseload 

As per IMA, in the last 24 hours, 5.37 lakh new cases have been detected in the US, Japan, South Korea, France and Brazil, while India has reported 145 new cases, out of which four are from the new Covid variant BF.7 from China

Precautions To
Avoid Covid

The IMA has listed Dos and Don’ts to battle any COVID outbreak in India in light of the recent corona cases in China, the US and other countries

Mask Up 

IMA has advised to wear face masks in public places and maintain social distancing 

Hygiene To Fight Covid

Hands must be washed regularly with soaps and sanitisers, as per the IMA 

Avoid Public Gatherings

The IMA has asked citizens to avoid public gatherings such as weddings and meetings. The IMA also raised an alert to avoid international travel

Covid Symptoms

Consult doctor in case of symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough or loose motion, the IMA said

Covid Vaccination

The IMA has urged Indians to get COVID vaccinations, including the precautionary dose

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