Kuwait Turns Winter White: Rare Hail-Storm Hits Desert Nation

Hail-Storm In Kuwait

Footage: Twitter

Kuwait, one of the hottest countries on Earth, was hit by a rare hail storm. Images of the hail-covered white roads were shared widely on social media

Kuwaitis Celebrate The Hail

The residents of Kuwait were delighted as rainfall was accompanied by hailstones in a number of areas, turning many areas white

Hailstone Showers
in Kuwait

Southern part of Kuwait saw showers of hailstones and reportedly snowfall as well especially in the military camp areas

Viral Images Of
Hail-Covered Kuwait

Footage: Twitter

Many videos of hail-covered roads in Kuwait went viral on social media. Pictures of the winter white that emerged on social media showed delighted parents and their children, enjoying the weather 

Hail in Kuwait Breaks
15-Year Record

Muhammad Karam, a former director of Kuwait's meteorological department said in an interview to AFP that Kuwait hasn’t seen so much hail in the winter season in the past 15 years

White Kuwait Roads:
Images Surface

Pictures and videos of southern roads partially blanketed in hail and ice surfaced online to celebrate the rare weather event

Children Seen Playing
After The Hailstorm

Children put on scarves and raincoats in Kuwait as they scooped up hail in the Umm al-Haiman district, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) south of Kuwait

Kuwait Hailstorm: Weather
Office Issues Warning

The weather office in Kuwait issued a warning for scattered moderate to heavy thunderstorms that may be accompanied by hail. Winds may exceed 55 km/h, causing a drop in visibility in some areas, suggested reports

Kuwait Government
Announces Measures

Footage: Twitter

The Ministry of Interior announced the closure of a number of main roads after water pooled on their surfaces owing to heavy rainfall

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